Just so you know, Kubia has been busy working on delivering new products and functionalities to make your customer experience better. Let's take a moment to go through the latest updates:

  • New version of the app. A new version of Kubia, with improved functionality and stability, has been republished as a new app on the app markets. We will be switching to the new app in the coming weeks. Customers operations and balances will not be affected, so just download and log in. Easy.
  • Referral program. We understand how important it is to spread the word on the digital banking revolution. Also, it is always amazing to receive bonuses for sharing the Kubia app with your relatives and friends. We have therefore implemented our referral program. It's simple: Just send the referral code to your friends. Once they make their first purchase on the card, S$5 bonus will be debited directly into their account. A simple and convenient way to get some perks!
  • Remittances. The Kubia team has implemented functionality for international money transfers. Send money overseas today!
  • Security improvements - Active sessions. We pay a lot of attention to app security, and are constantly improving the security measures of our app to keep your money safe. Now you can have control of all active sessions of your account, and can monitor, report or close any session if you notice suspicious activity on your account. Active sessions can be found in the settings menu of the app.