As you've probably noticed, we have recently come through the rebranding period.

The main reason for rebranding is that our team wants to make the best product on the market and is repositioning to deliver the best FinTech solution to all our customers in Singapore and abroad.

We are now called Kubia

Starting 18 November, Quancy will be known as Kubia. Kubia is the new philosophy for the ecosystem. Kubia is here to change the way you store and spend your money.

Our team has planned an entire roadmap of new products to deliver on our app, that I would like to share with you:

πŸ’Έ International Remittances: In two weeks' time, we will roll out our international remittances integrations and soft launch this functionality. Remittances can be originated from Kubia accounts to almost all APAC countries at a cheap FX and transaction fee rate.
πŸ’³ Referral Program: Our referral program will launched with the new Kubia App. You will have S$5.00 credited to your Kubia account whenever you refer a friend, once he/she makes his/her first Kubia card purchase. It's that easy!
πŸ’³ Top-Ups: We've heard your feedback during our soft launch, regarding account top-ups. Hence, to ensure all customers' top-ups and transfers are even faster and more secure, we have made the decision to convert all customers' accounts (both new and existing) into real bank accounts with unique bank account numbers, fully integrated with the FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) network. Kubia's philosophy has always been to offer you a better NeoBank account rather than just another top-up card, and this is how we can serve you better!
🏦 Multicurrency Functionality: Our multicurrency functionality is scheduled to be launched in January. Each of your accounts will support the majority of APAC currencies for exchange and spending. The Kubia team will deliver the best possible rates on the market for you.

New Application: The new version of the Kubia Application will be published soon. All current users will be updated.

For existing current account holders: Not to worry, your accounts and cards will still be fully functional. We will also be sending replacement cards with our new Kubia name, by the end of the year. Watch for the push notification in your app and email.

I would personally like to thank you for the support you have given us over the past month, in opening a Kubia account. The Kubia team is working hard to deliver the best possible product on the market to serve our customers even better, and I am sure you'll be happy with the rollout of new capabilities in the coming months. ☺️